Gomera starts test with Covid-19 tracking APP

2020/06/29 16:50:40 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The first phase of the pilot project of the covid-19 tracking APP, promoted by the Central Government of Spain, has started today in La Gomera, where it is planned to simulate three waves of infections and outbreaks from July 10th.

The mobile app is called Radar Covid-19, which works with both Android and iOS operating systems, and has already been sent to Google and Apple to pass their validation processes and be published in their respective stores, according to government sources earlier today.

It will serve to detect hypothetical contagions of coronavirus on the island, where a communication, awareness and training campaign, has started at local level, which will be extended to shipping companies and airlines that operate between the islands, to reach the population outside of La Gomera.

On July 6th, the second phase of the pilot plan will begin, which is the simulation of infections and monitoring of positives. A first simulated contagion is planned, which will be followed by three waves, one on July 10th, another on 13th and the last on the 17th.

The decision on whether this technological project, which requires citizen collaboration, will finally be implemented or not, will be decided by the autonomous communities once the test has concluded after a third phase, which will begin on July 20th.

In this last phase, they will analyze how many people downloaded the app, how it performed, how many positives were communicated, and how many users kept the app active.

Government sources have explained that the sample group would be representative of the population, if it is downloaded and used by 3,000 people on the island.  If users reach that number, then the idea is to introduce about 300 simulated infected cases.

There are also training staff who will be in charge of assisting in the installation of the application to those who request it, as well as sending informative emails to the volunteers who are key to participating in the process.

This test is promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, in coordination with the Canary Islands Health Service, and the app which will be installed on mobile phones, is based on the terminal's "bluetooth" connection, through which the mobiles emit and observe anonymous identifiers from other phones.

In this way, mobiles that have been in contact with a monitored patient would receive a warning about the risk of possible contagion, and instructions on how to proceed would be provided.