Fuerteventura promotes strict compliance with health measures against Covid-19

2020/08/25 08:23:25 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The president of the Cabildo in Fuerteventura, Blas Acosta, has met with the mayors of the Island, as well as with island officials for health and the State Administration, with the aim of addressing the situation of Covid-19 in Fuerteventura.

"Given the increase of positive cases on the island, we have been analyzing the situation and coordinating actions to be able to help the Canary Islands Health Service again, and address the situation as it was done in the first phase of the pandemic", Acosta said.

Present at the meeting were the Minister of Security and Emergencies, Alejandro Jorge, the mayors of the six municipalities of the Island, the Secretary General of the State Administration, Benito García, the manager of the General Hospital of Fuerteventura, José Luis Rodríguez, the epidemiologist from the Hospital of Fuerteventura, Guadalupe Alemán, as well as members of the State forces and security.

This meeting was called by the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, with the aim of continuing to work in a coordinated manner to continue guaranteeing the good response of the island's institutions to the pandemic, analyzing the evolution of infections and agreeing on prevention actions.

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura calls for citizen responsibility, saying: "City councils and the government of the Island are going to be very strict in terms of compliance with sanitary measures, and it is very important to do so during these weeks, as the school year is due to start and we have to prioritize that our girls and boys can return to education as soon as possible, guaranteeing the necessary measures", explained the island president.

After the meeting, the president of the Cabildo informed the media that "hundreds of daily tests have been carried out, testing the environment of positive cases, wishing them a speedy recovery, and we hope to be in a better situation by the end of September."

Acosta also added that "the Island has enough tools, practically three times as many professionals as we had at the beginning of the pandemic, and equipment that can process hundreds of daily tests, not only at Hospitals but also in health centres."