Four injured loggerhead turtles returned back to the sea

2020/05/06 23:57:54 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The Fuerteventura Council released four loggerhead turtles back into the sea on Wednesday, that have been treated at the Morro Jable Sea Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center, who were in good health and ready to go home.

These are four turtles found in coastal waters with various injuries to their fins due to fishing lines and nets, and one with serious injuries caused by a fishing hook, which were released in the Corralejo area.

They are returning to the sea at a time beneficial to nature, with maritime traffic and aquatic activities at their lowest point due to the reduction in human activity, although other types of hazards continue to exist, such as plastics, nets, and hooks, that will remain for a long time yet.

As an essential service, the Ministry of the Environment has continued to provide its services for the conservation, protection and improvement of flora and fauna on the island, as has the Sea Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center, that has not stopped its activity.

The residues in the water that harm sea turtles the most are those derived from plastics, such as fishing gear, bags, containers, can rings or straws.
Sometimes these containers catch turtles causing their bodies to grow with malformations and even causing amputations in their fins.

These are products that humans use comparatively for a very short time and then discard, while they last in the sea for many years.
To help maintain the natural environment, the use of single use plastic products is recommended, as well as disposing of them responsibly.