PHASE 1: This is NOT the end of lockdown, RESPECT new rules

2020/05/11 09:47:38 Written by Canarian Weekly National

As we start phase 1 today, the regional Government and the security forces warn that this is not the end of lockdown, this is not the end of the state of alarm, this is only the start of new rules for mobility in the next phase of de-escalation.

After successfully moving to the next phase of confinement, the Islands residents, and security forces, are faced with the ordeal of putting into practice, and policing, the rules of hygiene and distancing, to prevent a rebound or second wave which would be fatal.

We MUST continue as we have done up to this point and comply with the rules starting today, to ensure our future and move to the new normality as soon as possible, this is ONLY the first step, and the police and fine system are STILL there to help ensure it.
If NOT, our economic recovery will be even slower, and we will risk more people losing their lives.

Bearing this in mind here is a brief review of the rules of phase 1 that, as of today, affect more than two million of us that live in the Canary Islands.

The new regulations affect all islanders except those with symptoms, being in isolation, or quarantine for a Covid-19 diagnosis or being in close contact with them.

Continuing telework is encouraged. For those who go to their place of work, the necessary hygiene and/or prevention measures must be adopted.

People are able to meet (in the street and homes) and circulate in groups (maximum of 10 people) on the same Island, respecting the distance of two metres and hand hygiene.

Funerals, weddings, and other ceremonies are allowed with a maximum of 15 people in open spaces, or 10 people in closed spaces.

Attendance at places of worship is allowed as long as it does not exceed one third of capacity.

You can go to your second residence if you are on the same Island.

Premises can open with an area equal to, or less than, 400 square metres, with 30% of the total capacity, guaranteeing a minimum distance of two metres between customers.

Automotive dealerships, ITV stations, garden centres and plant nurseries, will be able to reopen to the public, preferably by using appointments without the limit of 400 square meters in size.

Open-air markets may be opened, with a limitation of 25% of stalls and an influx of less than a third of the usual capacity.

Outdoor terraces with 50% of the tables, with a maximum occupancy of 10 people per table.

Card payment is encouraged and the use of normal menus, beer mats, is not allowed, plus hygiene measures must be respected.

Opening of all centres listed in the Reference Catalogue of Social Services, to attend in person to those citizens who need it.

Opening of colleges and universities for disinfection, conditioning and administrative functions.

Public and private libraries may be reopened for loans and returns, as well as room reading with a 30% capacity, but not the use of computers.

Opening of venues for cultural acts and shows, which may not gather more than 30 people indoors and more than 200 people outdoors.

Active and nature tourism activities can be carried out again in groups of up to 10 people.

In hotels, there will be a catering service only for customers, the use of swimming pools or gyms or other common places will not be allowed.

Age and schedule limitations continue for walks and non-professional sports.