ERTE takes into account 'extra pay' but not holiday entitlement

2020/06/04 09:26:47 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Council of Administrative Managers have explained that workers affected by a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) will not receive extra pay, from the State, nor do their days in the file count for the calculation of holiday entitlement.

As the Administrative Managers explain, when calculating the ERTE it is based, in the same way, as recommended salaries and nioominas, on 14 payments divided in to 12 months. This means that the amount has already taken any extra payments into account, as some companies pay staff, a lower amount, but 14 times per year.

In addition, they clarify that the days that the worker has been included in the ERTE, do not count for the calculation of the days to which he is entitled to holidays. Therefore, this year holiday entitlement/pay will be reduced proportionally to the time you have not been able to provide your services to your company.

The president of the Administrative Managers, Fernando Santiago, said it is: "necessary to give workers affected by the ERTE this clarification, so that they do not encounter unforeseen circumstances, such as having a few more days of vacation that they will not enjoy, or an expected extra payment that doesn't come, which could affect family budgeting."

Santiago said that they have received many inquiries from people who are not clear on this issue, and encourages all those affected to "count on the help of an administration that can act with certainty in such a complex and changing situation, who manages the ERTE and the benefits that accompany them."