2020/05/01 12:29:10 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has clarified some of the points this morning, that the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, could not make clear yesterday, about the authorization starting tomorrow for walks and physical activity for adults.

The Health Order 380/2020 does not establish a time limit for those outings to walk, play sports, or get a breath of fresh air.
Adults will be able to be on the street as long as they want, but always within the established time bands:
Sports and walks from 6am to 10am and from 8pm to 11pm;
Over 70 years and dependent from 10am to 12pm and from 7pm to 8pm;
Children from 12pm to 7pm, will continue with their departures limited to a maximum daily one hour within their time frame.

Other doubts that the BOE clarifies to do with the practice of physical activity, are the the Ministry of Health does not order the use of masks for sports in which, due to speed it is possible to exhale with more power (such as running or cycling).
The order merely states that "the prevention and hygiene measures against COVID-19 indicated by the health authorities must be complied with."
Some instructions indicate that the mask is recommended, but not mandatory.

What they do specify is that athletes will have to "maintain an interpersonal distance with third parties of at least two metres." The Government also establishes that during physical activity "crowded spaces should be avoided, as well as those places where there may be crowds".

The Ministry instructions also emphasize that "as far as possible" physical activity must be carried out "continuously, avoiding unnecessary stops on roads or spaces for public use". "When, due to the physical conditions of the person who is carrying out the activity, it is necessary to make a stop on the roads or spaces for public use, it will be carried out for the time strictly necessary", states the instruction.

The order of the department directed by Salvador Illa specifies that walkers and athletes can "circulate on any road or space for public use, including authorized natural spaces and green areas, provided that the limits established in this order are respected." In other words, you can run or cycle as far as you like, but do not leave your municipality of residence. Walks are still limited to a radius of 1km from your home.

What is prohibited is "using a motorized vehicle or public transport" to go to the place of the walk or physical activity.

The order also makes it abundantly clear that "access to sports facilities" that have been closed at the start of the pandemic, will not be allowed.

The Government, in its instruction, urges "local entities" to "facilitate the distribution of public space in favor of those who walk and those who ride bicycles, in that order of priority." In other words, vehicle traffic is restricted to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists so that they can maintain social distancing.

The time limitation, as Minister Illa announced earlier on Thursday, does not affect residents of municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants (12% of the country's population), who can be on the street 17 hours if they wish, from 6am to 11pm.