Exceltur welcomes announcement that tourists can return from July

2020/05/24 07:11:48 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Alliance for Tourism Excellence (Exceltur) sees it as a "very positive" sign that international tourism can be reactivated in July, as announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, on Saturday, since this would reduce the sector's losses by around 20 billion euros.

The tourist management company welcomed this announcement, not only because of what he said, but the fact that it was perfectly timed by Sanchez, taking into account the amount of foreign press correspondents that were present at his press conference.

Exceltur Executive Vice President José Luis Zoreda told Europa Press, that it is "excellent news" that the president has made this announcement in this way, since the message will reach Europe and the main European sending countries quickly.

In addition, Zoreda assessed that a more or less exact date was given for when tourism will be activated again, taking into account that Sánchez indicated that it will be in early July, due to the advance of the de-escalation phases throughout Spanish territory.

Exceltur thanks the mediation of the ministers of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, and of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, in this announcement, as they also value Ábalos' decision, motivated by the recommendations of the European Commission, not to leave seats free on planes.

Exceltur, which estimates losses of inactivity in the tourism sector at around 92 billion euros, considers that, with the return of international tourism in July, these could be reduced by around 20 billion.

Lastly Zoreda underlined the need for bilateral protocols to be carried out, if not at the European level, then with the countries sending tourists to regulate journeys, and to ensure "safe" flows between these countries.
Sánchez said in his press conference on Saturday, that this summer "there will be a tourist season" and that the arrival of foreign tourists will resume from July.