Huge fire at El Hierro recycling plant is finally under control

2020/08/05 08:44:45 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

A fire broke out yesterday morning at 10.15am at the El Majano recycling centre, in the town of Valverde in El Hierro, which affected a total are of 5,000 square meters of the plant.

Mattresses, tyres, and paints generated a large column of thick black smoke that was visible from other areas of the Island, such as Isora, La Cuesta and San Andrés.
The residents of these areas had to stay inside their homes, following the instructions of the authorities, who declared a state of emergency.

The Insular Operational Coordination Center (Cecopin) of the El Hierro Cabildo reported, shortly after the warning was received at 10.15am, and given the magnitude of the fire, of the activation of the Insular Emergency Plan.
The area around the warehouses, used for storage of tyres and mattresses, was immediately cordoned so that the fire couldn't spread, and the town of Isora was confined, and the HI-1 road was cut off, between the Tiñor intersection and the Isora roundabout.

The Minister of Security and Emergencies for the Island, Montserrat Gutiérrez, announced, at that time, the island's firefighters were at the scene, and at the same time support had been requested from members of other places in the Canary Islands. What's more, a GES helicopter had already been mobilized, carrying out water discharges.

At around 1:00pm the GES helicopter had completed several hours carrying out water runs at the site, and in addition, personnel from the La Orotava Park, from the Tenerife Fire Consortium, were displaced.

Fifty firemen in total fought against the flames that caused intense smoke, which led the Council to maintain, throughout the day, to tell residents to remain in their homes in the affected towns due to the smoke, as well as the general recommendation to the entire population not to go near the fire zone.

The president of the island institution, Alpidio Armas, once the fire was considered to be under control at around 7:30pm, thanked everyone for the work carried out by all the personnel involved in the emergency and the determined support of all the administrations involved, and the groups of volunteers that collaborated in the control and extinction of the fire with no casualties.