Drug mules arrested taking cocaine in to Fuerteventura

2020/08/21 11:43:25 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The Territorial Teams of Judicial Police (ETPJ) of the Guardia Civil in Fuerteventura have ended Operation Majovice Three, by dismantling an organized criminal group trafficking cocaine in to the island using mules, who brought the drug, not ingested, but hidden and attached to their body, arresting three people and investigating another three, all six of them of Colombian nationality.

They are accused of being guilty of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization, and police seized 1,179 kilograms of cocaine and 1,162 euros in cash from the three of them.

In March an event occurred that lead to the Guardia Civil investigation, when on the morning of March 7th, an SUV driven by a woman carrying two others who had just arrived on the island by plane, was attacked on the FV-1 motorway by four men, who only took the two travel bags of the passengers.

The driver called the Guardia Civil by phone and relayed the story, but when the corresponding patrol arrived at the scene, she reported that the passengers had fled, no longer collaborating after the event, or presenting a written complaint at any police headquarters on the island.

This event started the aforementioned operation by the island's Judicial Police teams, suspecting that it was a drug dump, an action used in police slang to explain drug theft between criminal gangs, committed between rival organizations.

Investigators found out the identity of the two aforementioned passengers of the assaulted SUV, verifying that they were going to fly again the following day, March 8th, to go to Madrid.

The Guardia Civil set up a team at the airport in order to find the interested persons, who caught the attention of the agents as both were going alone pretending not to know each other, and when they were identified, a tax inspection was carried out, finding nothing criminal at that time.

At the same time, the agents began to identify several people on the island who make trips between Fuerteventura and Ibiza for two or three days, always via Madrid, finding out that one of them was involved with trafficking of cocaine on that Balearic island 2018.

However, with the Royal Decree of March 14th, which ordered the state of health alarm, the activity of the organization on the island ceased completely, resuming it at the beginning of August.

Months later, Guardia Civil investigators spotted that one of the members, considered the leader of the organization, travelled by boat to Cádiz in early August, from Lanzarote to stay at a specific hotel in Madrid, and that the next day two other members of the alleged organization flew from Ibiza to Madrid, staying the night at the same hotel.

Quickly, the investigators ordered an operation at the Fuerteventura airport, suspecting that on August 12th they would probably fly to the island with cocaine on them.

In this way, both the people who arrived on the flight from Madrid, as well as the rest of the organization who went to the airport to pick them up, were arrested and investigated.

The operation remains open and new arrests are not ruled out; of the members, two men and four women, of the criminal organization, three have been admitted to prison after appearing in Court in Puerto del Rosario.