Drug dealers arrested in Fuerteventura with over 300 kilos of hashish

2020/06/10 16:01:05 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The drugs had been hidden in a store room, a garage space and a building in the Fuerteventura capital, from where it was allegedly distributed by those arrested. Police also seized 282,000 euros in cash, watches, jewellery and two high-end vehicles.

National Police agents have arrested two 43-year-old men in Puerto Del Rosario, one of them with a police record, for drug trafficking. A total of 304.5 kilos of hashish has been seized in a building, a storage room and a garage in the capital of Fuerteventura, and 282,000 euros, watches, jewellery and two high-end vehicles have also been confiscated.

The National Police recently learned that a 44-year-old man residing in the town of Puerto del Rosario, was distributing narcotic substances, mainly hashish. They managed to locate several properties used by the person under investigation, where a large number of narcotic substances could be hidden.

In the search carried out in the first of them, 150 kilos of hashish were found, so he was arrested for alleged drug trafficking.

The police investigation also identified a second individual, a 43 year old, as a participant in the events. He was located in Puerto del Rosario and arrested while carrying a bag with two kilos of hashish in it.

Agents then carried out a second search at another of the homes supposedly used by the detainees, in which 282,000 euros in cash, watches, jewellery and two high-end vehicles were found.

Finally, two other searches were carried out in a storage room and a garage space owned by one of the detainees. In them 125 and 30 kilos of hashish were located respectively, making a total find of 304.5 kilos.

The detainees are currently awaiting trial.