Did a 'mother ship' bring immigrants to west coast of Tenerife?

2020/07/25 16:44:25 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Guardia Civil is investigating whether or not a suspicious looking fishing boat in Los Cristianos, is a 'mother ship' that brought the 13 immigrants to Puerto Santiago yesterday.

The circumstances surrounding these arrivals raised suspicion with the police for two reasons, why did they end up on the west coast of Tenerife, and their appearance on arrival wasn't that of spending days crossing the ocean in a small boat.

The Guardia Civil think that they made the journey from Africa in the bigger fishing boat, before being released for the final part in the small patera.
A police source has said that they are considering taking the suspicious vessel to Santa Cruz to be inspected properly.

Sources close to the investigation, have emphasized that, although the mother ship hypothesis seems well founded, the investigations into the fishing vessel are, for now, just one more route that needs to be followed up.

The events that concern the police more, began shortly before six in the morning in Playa Chica, within the municipality of Santiago del Teide, where several neighbours alerted the presence of five people, all of them men, who had arrived at the scene in a Patera, which then disappeared and returned shortly with eight more immigrants, as confirmed by the Government Delegation in the Canary Islands.

This fact, together with the good condition of the newcomers, whose clothes were dry and without the appearance of people who have spent several days crossing the ocean in a small boat, aroused the suspicions of the agents, later supported when collecting the testimony of some fishermen of the Island who had noticed the presence of a boat in the area that is not habitual for these waters.