FUERTEVENTURA: Council extend hours for beach use for under 14s

2020/05/20 10:08:14 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The City Council of Puerto del Rosario clarifies that children under 14 can use the beaches in both their time slot, and in that of adults, and are allowed to carry out sports activities, including swimming and surfing.

The Puerto del Rosario Council, through its Department of Beaches led by Sonia Alamo, has issued a statement, published by the Higher Sports Council on May 18th, regarding the sports practice for minors of 14 years and under on beaches.

This authorization allows sports activities for federated minors under 14 years of age, in public spaces, including beaches, within the time frames reserved for federated older athletes and with the same requirements.
However, they may also make use of the time slots assigned to them based on their age, provided that they are not more than a kilometre from their home.

"The City Council of Puerto del Rosario is developing a huge preventive, pedalogical, and interpretation work of a regulation that is happening at a dizzying pace, combining compliance with the sanitary measures that are being approved with the collaboration of residents, for their understanding and adaptability”, concludes the statement.