Coronavirus passenger arrives at Lanzarote airport on flight from Madrid

2020/05/29 16:10:55 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

The Guardia Civil were waiting at Lanzarote airport today (Friday), after receiving information that a passenger who had tested positive for Covid-19, was flying to the island. The man appears to be a Lanzarote resident but had travelled to the Peninsula to attend his mother's funeral in Ciudad Real.

While he was in the Peninsula he was tested for coronavirus, because he had been in contact with a possible source of contagion, and the results were positive, but health sources say that he did not know it when he got on the plane.
For their part, the Guardia Civil have pointed out, that he would have been told to stay in self-isolation and that he failed to comply with this measure by boarding a plane without waiting for the test resultS, so they have opened proceedings against him.

In addition to the Guardia Civil, personnel from the Canarian Health Service, the Security and Emergency Consortium, and the Red Cross were also at the airport, both to isolate the affected person and his companions, and to inform other passengers, as in total, there were 140 people on this flight from Madrid.

As reported by the management of Lanzarote Health Services, all passengers must now serve quarantine without leaving their homes for 14 days.
In addition, they will all have PCR tests within seven days, which is the time it could take for the disease to develop if there had been any contagion.