Disaster as catamaran hits rocks and starts to sink

2020/10/07 07:38:46 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

Two Polish tourists had to be rescued yesterday (Tuesday) after they tried to moor their catamaran in La Graciosa’s port, only to be told it was full due to the predicted storm, and running into rocks.

According to eyewitnesses, they tried to dock at the Port of Caleta de Sebo, but as it was full, so they decided to anchor in the Salado Bay, an area where it is easy to end up on the rocks if you don’t have knowledge of the impact of the unpredictable tides.

This turned out to be true, as the boat was carried by the sea on to rocks, not only running aground but also putting a two-foot gash in one of the hulls which quickly started to let in water.

The two people on board tried in vain to stop the water, and onlookers rushed to help in any way they could, but it became obvious very quickly that they couldn’t do anything to save their boat.

Eventually, the couple decided to abandon ship and proceeded to remove everything that was on board the boat ashore, while evaluating what to do with it. The couple had to be treated due to the stressful situation they experienced, and some minor cuts and bruises.

The incident also highlighted the need for La Graciosa to have a device to deal with these types of emergencies, as well as health and security personnel available 24 hours a day.