Canary Islands is now the only region in Spain where masks are not mandatory at all times

2020/07/28 12:55:21 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Madrid has today declared the use of masks to be mandatory in all spaces, open or closed, and they will not allow groups of more than ten people on terraces or in meetings outdoors or indoors.
In addition to this, terraces and leisure centres now have to close by 1:30am, and all clients have to register with their DNI (NIE) at these establishments, to facilitate traces if there is an outbreak of cases.

This was announced by the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during the presentation of the COVID-19 Continuity Strategy, to try to avoid the outbreaks of the disease, and contain the spread of the pandemic in the Spanish capital.

With the hardening of the use of masks in Madrid, the Canary Islands is now the only autonomous community in the country that, for now, has not applied similar measures.

Among the measures announced by Ayuso, she clarified that the use of masks will be compulsory for everyone over 6 years old from this Thursday in all spaces, regardless of maintaining social distancing.

At indoor or outdoor meetings, the number of people is limited to a maximum of ten, and it is recommended that they are only between people from the same address, and the limitation includes terraces where no new customers are allowed after 1.00am and they must close by 1.30am.

In addition, it is mandatory for all customers to leave their identification data so that, in the event of a positive, all contacts can be tracked quickly.