2020/08/06 08:51:45 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, has acknowledged that the data on the evolution of employment in the Canary Islands, shows that the islands "will continue to need the protection of the ERTE" beyond the current deadline on September 30th, but she preferred not to commit to a date.

After signing the agreement for the transfer of 42 million euros to the Islands with Ángel Víctor Torres for his Comprehensive Employment Plan, Díaz has acknowledged that the islands are 20 points below the national average in terms of reactivation of workers who were put on ERTE, when the state of alarm was declared in Spain.

Díaz has argued that this data confirms to what extent the Canary Islands economy continues to be affected by its dependence on tourism and has reaffirmed its commitment to extend the protection of the ERTE mechanism by force majeure to the sectors that need it most, because she understands that it would not make sense to "drop all the effort made so far when they are needed the most."

However, he preferred not to comment on how long the ERTE should continue, because he considers it "imprudent" to give dates until he has more data on the evolution of the situation and until the Government discusses it with the social agents.

The President of the Canary Islands has clearly stated his position: "the islands and, especially, their tourism sector need ERTEs to be extended as long as necessary." Torres has also chosen to "not set dates", but emphasized: "we must everything necessary, for as long as necessary, until we return to normality."