Canary Islands now has 28 active outbreaks, with 745 people isolated

2020/08/13 08:26:58 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Masks are becoming more common on a daily basis in public, even though not mandatory, but there are still those who are blatantly ignoring the Health recommendations.

The number of active outbreaks in the Canary Islands is now 28, as reported by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, which is 12 more than previously registered.

Most of them are local infections caused by contact in social and nightlife environments. In fact, 14 are from this source, 4 are family oubreaks, 3 workplace related, and 2 in a mixed way between the latter.
The remaining 5 are outbreaks caused by cases imported by irregular migrants who arrived in the Canary Islands by boat.

The data clearly shows that Gran Canaria is the island most affected by the rebound, as it has 16 outbreaks and one of them is the one with the most cases, a total of 60 positives, also related to nightlife. Tenerife has 8 eight outbreaks and Lanzarote the other four.

In total, the outbreaks are affecting 268 people who have tested positive in PCR tests (41 of them immigrants), and 745 who have maintained close contact with them, and are self isolated, as has been verified in the tracking of each of the cases.