Coronavirus update: There's now only 3 people in hospital across the Islands

2020/06/27 07:09:40 Written by Canarian Weekly National

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health the Canary Islands now has:

Deaths: 0 for 13 days
Total deaths: 162
New cases: 2
Total cases: 2,432
Discharges in last 24 hours: 5
Total discharges: 2,195
Active cases: 75

Of the active cases: 72 are at home, 1 is admitted to hospital wards, and 2 are in Intensive Care.

It is now 13 days since the last death in the archipelago due to COVID-19, and only the influx of cases from immigrants in Fuerteventura is a big concern, which is now controlled.

The most infected age group is 40-49 years old with 427 cases during the pandemic, but the mortality rate is highest in octogenarians, with 76 deaths.

The deaths by islands are as follows:
110 in Tenerife;
39 in Gran Canaria;
7 on La Palma;
6 in Lanzarote;
0 in Fuerteventura;
0 in La Gomera;
0 in El Hierro.

Total cases by islands are as follows:
1,503 in Tenerife;
605 in Gran Canaria;
107 on La Palma;
85 in Lanzarote;
79 in Fuerteventura;
8 in La Gomera;
3 in El Hierro.