Coronavirus update: 2 people admitted to ICU in Gran Canaria

2020/06/22 22:02:53 Written by Canarian Weekly National

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health the Canary Islands now has:

Deaths: 0 for nine days
Total deaths: 161
New cases: 2
Total cases: 2,423
Discharges in last 24 hours: 5
Total discharges: 2,179
Active cases: 81

Of the active cases: 75 are at home, 4 are admitted to hospital wards, and 2 are critically ill in Intensive Care in the Doctor Negrín University Hospital in Las Palmas.

Of the discharges, 4 were in Tenerife and 1 in Gran Canaria, meaning that 90% of people have now recovered.

The archipelago adds its ninth consecutive day without coronavirus deaths (the record on the islands has been eleven consecutive days).
The Ministry has readjusted the number of deceased downwards by subtracting one fatality from Gran Canaria, bringing the total to 161, due to confirmation of death by other causes.
This month there have been two deaths: the first on June 2nd in Tenerife, and the second on June 13th in Gran Canaria.

The deaths by islands are as follows:
110 in Tenerife;
38 in Gran Canaria;
7 on La Palma;
6 in Lanzarote;
0 in Fuerteventura;
0 in La Gomera;
0 in El Hierro.