Covid update: 119 new cases, 82 of them in Tenerife, no deaths

2020/10/16 08:05:44 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Thursday 15th October:
There were 119 new cases detected, of these 82 in Tenerife, 30 are in Gran Canaria, 4 in Fuerteventura, 2 in El Hierro, and 1 in Lanzarote.

Cases increased to over 100 again with two-thirds of them in Tenerife, who have now passed 5,000 cases in total.

The number of active cases in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Gomera is dropping rapidly, as are the totals in their capital cities, as you can see below.

Yesterday El Hierro thought they had detected 60 positives in one day, so the samples were sent to Tenerife for re-analysis. 59 of them came back as faulty tests and only one positive. Everyone was retested and gave the same results.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health the Canary Islands now has:
Deaths: 0
Total deaths: 251
New cases: 119
Total cases: 15,420
Discharges in last 24 hours: 67
Total discharges: 8,530
Active cases: 6,639

Of the active cases: 6,353 are at home/isolation, 231 are in hospital wards, and 55 are in Intensive Care.

Total cases by islands are as follows:
8,156 in Gran Canaria;
5,066 in Tenerife;
1,161 in Lanzarote;
713 in Fuerteventura;
187 in La Palma;
79 in La Gomera;
57 in El Hierro.

Active cases by islands are as follows:
3,624 in Gran Canaria;
2,897 in Tenerife;
59 in Lanzarote;
37 in Fuerteventura;
10 in La Gomera;
9 in El Hierro;
2 in La Palma.

Municipalities with most current active cases:
3,085 in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
1,320 in Santa Cruz (Tenerife)
829 in La Laguna (Tenerife)
124 in Santa Lucia de Tirajana (Gran Canaria)
99 in Telde (Gran Canaria)
88 in San Bartolome de Tirajana (Gran Canaria)
82 in Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife)
80 in Tacaronte (Tenerife)
76 in Arona (Tenerife)
68 in Adeje (Tenerife)
58 Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife)
55 in Arrecife (Lanzarote)
42 in Ingenio (Gran Canaria)
29 in Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura)
29 in Guia de Isora (Tenerife)
15 in San Miguel de Abona (Tenerife)
10 San Sebastian (La Gomera)

Total discharges by islands are as follows:
4,430 in Gran Canaria;
2,037 in Tenerife;
1,093 in Lanzarote;
674 in Fuerteventura;
179 in La Palma;
69 in La Gomera;
48 in El Hierro.

The deaths by islands are as follows:
132 in Tenerife
102 in Gran Canaria;
9 in Lanzarote;
6 in La Palma;
2 in Fuerteventura;
0 in La Gomera;
0 in El Hierro.

Deaths by age group:
Over 80: 119 deaths
70-79: 71 deaths
60-69: 35 deaths
50-59: 14 deaths
40-49: 7 deaths
30-39: 4 deaths
20-29: 1 deaths

Source: Ministry of Health (Gobcan Sanidad)