Coronavirus update: 66 new cases, 50 of which are in Gran Canaria

2020/08/13 07:46:42 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Wednesday 12th August:
There were 66 new cases detected, of these 50 are in Gran Canaria, 7 in Tenerife, 4 in Lanzarote, 3 in Fuerteventura, and 2 in La Palma.

There were also 33 medical discharges, all of which were in Tenerife.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health the Canary Islands now has:

Deaths: 0
Total deaths: 164
New cases: 66
Total cases: 3,110
Discharges in last 24 hours: 33
Total discharges: 2,410
Active cases: 536

Of the active cases: 504 are at home/isolation, 30 are in hospital wards, and 2 are in Intensive Care, one in Tenerife and one in Gran Canaria.

The split of the figures can vary slightly depending on whether they are recorded by place of residence, or where the case was recorded, ie where the person was when it happened, but the overall totals are still the same.
We use location of the case as the person is physically in that place, as they are a more accurate representation of the actual situation in each island.

Active cases by islands are as follows:
341 in Gran Canaria;
134 in Tenerife;
41 in Lanzarote;
10 in Fuerteventura;
9 in La Palma;
0 in La Gomera;
0 in El Hierro.

Total cases by islands are as follows:
1,788 in Tenerife;
968 in Gran Canaria;
125 in Lanzarote;
121 in Fuerteventura;
98 in La Palma;
8 in La Gomera;
1 in El Hierro.

Total discharges by islands are as follows:
1,538 in Tenerife;
587 in Gran Canaria;
111 in Fuerteventura;
86 in La Palma;
79 in Lanzarote;
8 in La Gomera;
1 in El Hierro.

The deaths by islands are as follows:
116 in Tenerife
40 in Gran Canaria;
5 in Lanzarote;
3 in La Palma;
0 in Fuerteventura;
0 in La Gomera;
0 in El Hierro.

Deaths by age group:
Over 80: 77 deaths
70-79: 47 deaths
60-69: 22 deaths
50-59: 11 deaths
40-49: 3 deaths
30-39: 4 deaths

Source: Ministry of Health (Gobcan Sanidad)