Caixabank will start charging up to 240€ for current accounts from October

2020/09/14 14:12:14 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

Caixabank, which will meet with Bankia this week to decide whether or not to approve the merger of both entities, will begin to apply its new commission rates on accounts, from October. It includes charging clients 60 euros per quarter for their current account, a total of 240 euros per year.

A new program of conditions was scheduled for the Spanish bank for last April, but was postponed until next month due to the health crisis, however, the bank provides options to avoid this commission.

Those clients who have a payroll of more than 600 euros per month, a pension of more than 300 euros, or maintain a position of more than 20,000 euros in investment funds, fund portfolios, structured, managed portfolios, savings insurance, and pension plans ‘Individuals’, will only have to pay 15 euros every three months.

And if, in addition to complying with the above, the same person puts through three bills or makes three card purchases per quarter, the commission will be reduced to zero.

This program affects the Family Account, the Premium Account, the Star Account, and the InTouch Account, whose current commissions and conditions will be replaced by the new ones as of October 1st.