Cabildo demands investment in the electric grid to avoid more blackouts

2020/08/02 09:08:14 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

In the plenary session on Friday, the Cabildo approved an institutional motion calling on the Central Government of Spain, the regional Executive, and the operators involved, to make the necessary investment in the electricity grid in Tenerife to prevent new general blackouts on the island.

This is following two major incidents in September last year when the island was left without power for eight hours, and July 15th this year, which although not as severe affected amost a million people, and to enable the adaptation of the electricity system to the objectives of the energy transition policy.

The plenary are also urging the Canary Islands Government to carry out an audit of the Island's transport and distribution networks, and electrical infrastructures, with the aim of verifying their conditions and state of operation, and that the conclusions obtained in this audit are incorporated into the planning.

The agreement also includes convening the members of the Renewable Energy Table before September 30th to set a roadmap, dealing with issues related to both fossil and renewable energy, so that their agreements on the definition of the insular energy model are reflected in the different planning instruments.

In addition, the responsible administrations are urged to work to implement a new energy model for the Island.