2020/08/10 09:18:17 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Councillor of Tourism for the Tenerife Cabildo, José Gregorio Martín Plata, and the CEO of Tenerife Tourism, David Pérez, have held meetings this week by videoconference with representatives of the accommodation sector, tour operators and travel agencies.

In them, they have given all the updated information on the situation of Tenerife as a holiday destination, in addition to that related to the quarantines imposed on travellers from Spain by the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the actions that are being carried out to promote recovery.

"We are confident that the quarantine will be reversed so that tourist activity, which had been restarted, with encouraging results, can be reactivated for the winter campaign," explained the councillor, who expressed the need for "those measures that allow a safer movement of travellers."

He explained the steps that are being taken by the Cabildo, that has maintained institutional contacts with the ambassadors of the UK and Ireland in Spain, in which he has told them the need to take into account the data of the Island, and the security of the destination, as relevant criteria when assessing the decisions to be made.

For his part, David Pérez said that intense contacts are maintained with tour operators, airlines and prominent tourism leaders from the different European countries that issue travellers, "to sure up the island's presence in them, and compensate as far as possible the fall that, due to the quarantine imposed in the United Kingdom and Ireland, these markets may experience."

Pérez added that "this is the case of the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries or Iceland, without forgetting the great effort that we have already begun to deploy in the German and Spanish markets, or that which we will carry out in the Nordic countries too."

The work of Tourismo de Tenerife abroad continues to be very intense, with the sending of information and statements about the Island and its situation regarding openings, and the low incidence figures of Covid-19.

So far the promotional campaign of the Canary Islands has reached an audience of 239 million people promoting them as a safe destination.