CEHAT urges the EU to take urgent measures to guarantee the safety of tourists

2020/07/27 17:06:11 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Given the news announcing that travellers who return to the UK after being in Spain must spend two weeks in quarantine, the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT), has expressed its surprise and disappointment in this matter, and requests measures at a European level with the carrying out of tests at place of origin and destination.

With the surprise imposition of a British quarantine, there is a risk that other governments will adopt similar solutions in an unthoughtful way, and without recognising the real situation that we have in Spain, and especially in the Balearic and Canary archipelagoes.

"We must ask that decisions be taken based on objective criteria for the evolution of health security, and hold reckless measures accountable that can cause serious damage to tourism, and, especially to hoteliers, who are complying with the most demanding protocols of all of Europe”, says Jorge Marichal, President of CEHAT.

In line with this, he thanked the Spanish Government for working so intensively to try to reverse the situation as soon as possible. A situation that for the Confederation is not only unfair, but also totally illogical and not very rigorous.

CEHAT is insisting on the need to act in a more surgical way and face this disease as a conjunctural issue, taking into account that it is a virus that we will have to live with until we have a vaccine, and try to do it in a reasonable manner and based on objective methods, so that the decisions taken are the most appropriate and educated.

This is why, they are stressing the need for measures to be taken at European level, and for tests to be carried out that give objectivity both at origin and destination, in order for there to be reciprocity and guarantee maximum safety for tourists, and workers and residents in tourist areas.

In this sense, CEHAT has stepped forward and offer to carry out the tests on arrival for foreign tourists, and when they leave their accommodation in Spain, to offer greater security to customers staying in Spanish establishments.