A boat with 72 people including 19 minors onboard, arrives in Los Cristianos

2020/10/14 17:44:33 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

A boat with 72 irregular immigrants of sub-Saharan origin on board, among them 19 minors, has arrived at the port of Los Cristianos, in the south of Tenerife, early this afternoon (Wednesday), according to Maritime Rescue.

The cayuco was first spotted at around 10.40am this morning when it was about nine kilometres from the Punta de Rasca lighthouse, off the coast of Arona by Plam Mar

The rescue boat Alpheratz went out to meet them, and the crew decided that the safest option was to accompany the boat to the nearest port, which was Los Cristianos.

The occupants of the cayuco were 52 adult men, one adult woman, and 19 minors, who disembarked just after 12:45pm in Los Cristianos, where they received their first medical assistance from the Red Cross.

The Canary Islands emergency services haven’t reported whether any of them have required medical attention at this stage, as they are all undergoing PCR tests and are being transferred to the holding centre by the National Police station in Playa Las Americas.