A boat with 112 immigrants onboard intercepted by Los Abrigos

2020/10/18 12:33:05 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Maritime Rescue has intercepted a boat this morning with 112 people on board, including one female, just 4.5 miles southwest of Los Abrigos.

It was spotted by the Guardia Civil at 8am heading towards the Canary archipelago, according to official sources of the emergency services.

The Control Centre mobilized the rescue boat 'Alpheratz', who went to the area and located the cayuco just before 9am, with in their words, over 100 immigrants onboard.

The boat was escorted by Maritime Rescue to the port of Los Cristianos, where it docked at 10.50am and the number of occupants was confirmed by the Red Cross, who there waiting for them to carry out the necessary protocols and transfer them to the reception centre by the Las Americas National Police station.