Bather airlifted to hospital in Fuerteventura

2020/10/11 08:19:04 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

A 50-year-old man has been transferred by an emergency helicopter to the General Hospital of Fuerteventura, after he emerged exhausted and disoriented from the sea, and collapsed on the beach of Cofete, in the south of the island.

The Coordinating Centre for Emergencies and Security (CECOES) of the Canary Islands received an alert at 12.30pm yesterday (Saturday) saying that there was a bather in distress needing medical attention on the beach.

They immediately dispatched the emergency helicopter with medical staff on board who flew straight to the Cofete beach. On arrival, they could see that the lifeguard had put the man in the recovery position keeping his airways open, and that the man himself was very disorientated and dazed.

The medics made sure that he was in a stable condition before taking him to the General Hospital in Fuerteventura by helicopter, where he is recovering from an alleged mild heart attack, and they have praised the quick actions of the beaches lifeguard.