Arrested for refusing to wear a mask on a bus

2020/10/21 09:28:35 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The National Police have arrested a 47 year old man, for refusing to wear a mask on a bus at the Hoya de La Plata bus station in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, which are mandatory on public transport, and have been for several months.

The arrest occurred after a call to 091 from the driver of a bus in the capital of Gran Canaria, reporting that he was at the Hoya de la Plata bus station and that a passenger on the bus was refusing to wear a mask, according to the National Police in a press release.

Agents met the bus, boarded and located the man, who refused to wear a mask or get off the public transport. Officers tried speaking to him, asking him to put one on, asked if he had a medical exemption certificate, or risk being arrested, but he just ignored them.

For these reasons, the agents proceeded to arrest the man, who has no previous police record, for disobedience and resistance to authority. Finally, after the corresponding police report had been instructed, it was sent to the competent Judicial Authority.