Arrecife council signs decree allowing bars to double size of terrace

2020/05/16 09:38:02 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

The Arrecife City Council has signed the decree that authorizes bars and restaurants in the municipality, to double the size of their terraces provided that a series of requirements are met.

It was agreed in principle last Tuesday at the insular coordination meeting between the Cabildo and the town halls, and will be in force as long as the restrictions established in the state of alarm are maintained.
"The objective is to help and facilitate the economic recovery of the hospitality sector," said the mayor, Ástrid Pérez, who asked the Mobility Department of the City Council to articulate a way to carry out this measure.

The municipal Mobility technician issued a favourable report, and the delegate councillor for Urban Mobility of Arrecife, Ángeles Hernández, signed the decree the same day authorizing establishments, which already have a license, to double their terrace space whilst still guaranteeing the necessary safety distance specified in phase 1.

In all cases, the municipal technician's report establishes a series of criteria for hygiene, road and health safety, distances and places on the public highway that can be used for this provisional expansion, while the alert for Covid 19 lasts, and during the de-escalation phases.

Mayor Astrid Pérez stressed that "in these difficult times for the local economy, greater collaboration and flexibility of regulations is necessary, to allow as soon as possible, the necessary economic recovery that favours SMEs, self-employed, and employees."

Provisional authorization details:

- The maximum surface that each terrace can occupy will be double that granted, or the maximum possible.

- Maximum authorized occupation as per the licence.

- The extension may be on existing free parking spaces in adjoining marked parking lane.

- The expansion will always be within the length of its façade, in an adjoining front space, without invading the adjoining facades, nor opposite the road, respecting the accessible pedestrian route.

- it must have a free width of passage of not less than 1.80 m.

- it will have a clear height of not less than 2.20 m.

- Cleaning and disinfection of the terrace equipment, in particular tables, chairs, as well as any other contact surface, between one client and the next.

- The use of single-use tablecloths will be prioritized. In the event that this is not possible, the use of the same tablecloths with different clients should be avoided, opting for materials and solutions that facilitate their change between services and their mechanical washing in washing cycles between 60 and 90 degrees centigrade.

- Dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants must be made available to the public.

- Card payment or other means that do not involve physical contact will be encouraged, and the dataphone will be cleaned and disinfected after each use, as must the till, if the employee who uses it is not always the same.

- The use of menus will be avoided, opting for the use of clients own electronic devices, blackboards, posters or other similar means instead.

- Auxiliary elements of the service, such as crockery, glassware, cutlery or table linen, among others, will be stored in closed rooms and, if this is not possible, far from areas where customers and workers pass.

- Self-service products such as napkin rings, toothpicks, cruets, oil bottles, and other similar utensils will be eliminated, prioritizing disposable single-use or their service in other formats upon customer request.

- When, in accordance with the provisions of Order SND 399/2020, the use of the toilets is allowed by clients, visitors or users, the maximum occupancy of the toilets by the clients will be one person, except in those cases of persons that may require assistance, in which case the use by their companion will also be allowed. These toilets must be cleaned and disinfected at least six times a day.