Arona is working to extend the hours allowed for restaurant terraces

2020/08/06 16:52:06 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Arona City Council is working to meet the requests of businesses in the municipality, to extend the hours that restaurants can have their terraces open, which at the moment is from 8am – 10pm where they are on a public space or walkway.

The aim is help them achieve a higher turnover, guarantee their competitiveness, their viability, and ensure the employment they generate.

That is the objective of the Urban Planning Department of ​​the Arona City Council, which is now headed by the mayor himself, José Julián Mena, who is already working on the full application of the ordinance of August 2017, which contemplates this possibility.

This regulatory regulation of the use and occupation of public territory, limits the hours of use of terraces to between 8am and 10pm. However, in article 3.1.2 it establishes a set of special provisions, among which is the possibility of setting new schedules in certain areas or times of the year, a route that would be the most likely to comply with the request made public this week from businesses in the open commercial areas of the municipality.

They have said that, in addition to showing their satisfaction with the approval of exemption of fees for the occupation of tables and chairs for the restaurant sector, they have requested the extension of the hours of the terraces, at least during the summer, because their terraces account for 60% of their turnover, especially in these tough times.

For this reason, the Town Hall is working on a way that allows the extension of these hours, all within a plan of economic support to different sectors of activity that, in recent months has meant, not only the exemption of fees that the catering sector pays for the terraces, but the deferral of all municipal receipts, and a line of subsidies for the self-employed and micro-SMEs.