Arona puts new police station project in Parque La Reina out to tender

2020/10/08 08:57:26 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Arona City Council took another big step yesterday to improve policing in the municipality, by putting out to tender the project of the Citizen Security Building, an infrastructure in Parque de la Reina that will see a huge increase of service in the south, and will complement the current Local Police station in the town of Arona.

The future facilities will be located in the centre of Parque la Reina, just one kilometre from the TF-1 motorway junction, and an average radius of seven kilometres from each neighbourhood around it, which will mean quick access to any of these nuclei, and therefore, a greater speed of police response.

The building will have a total area of ​​5,000 square metres on a plot of 6,172 square metres, with two floors and underground parking for police vehicles, plus a parking area for citizens going to the police station. There will be a main area where officers deal with the public, another private area where agents will carry out their daily work, and a third with meeting rooms and offices.

The new police station will also be built with criteria of environmental sustainability, maintenance and energy efficiency, according to the information provided by the City Council.

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, highlighted that the new building “will mean a notable improvement for the general security of all citizens of our municipality, and of tourism in particular, positioning Arona, even more, as a safe destination for our economic engine. Not only its location speeds up the response of our municipal agents, but we want to give our Local Police the best possible facilities. For sure, the new police station will be a benchmark in the South and on the island of Tenerife.”

For his part, the councillor for the department of Security of ​​the Arona City Council, Francisco Marichal, stressed that “it is key for the municipality to promote and strengthen the security of its citizens, and of those who visit us. Not only with the 31 new agents that will join the workforce, but also giving our agents the best resources and facilities to carry out their work.”