Arona grants eight building licenses worth five million euros investment

2020/07/26 12:00:18 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The permits include one for Mercadona, two industrial warehouses, and two commercial blocks, and the City Council ensures that the "paralysis" from the beginning of the year has ended.

On Friday the mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, signed off the first urban planning licenses for major works this year.
In total there are eight licenses that involve an investment of more than 4.8 million euros for the municipality.
To these four other segregation permits must be added, which is the process that is issued to separate a portion of land and constitute a new plot.

The most important licenses from an economic perspective, are for the construction of a new Mercadona supermarket with an investment of 3.9 million euros, two industrial buildings, and two commercial buildings, one of them with four-storeys.

Municipal sources confirmed that with these licenses, mark thecend of the “paralysis” of the Urban Planning department.
It must be remembered that on June 22nd, the head of this department, Luis García, was dismissed due to discrepancies in matters such as the construction of the Artslife & Shopping mall, in Punta del Camisón (Playa de Las Américas), which is currently sealed up and of which the Provincial Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation into.

Due to the fallout from this, the mayor has assumed the responsibilities of Urban Planning. The Town Hall has already put a figure of 175 million euros affected by the paralysis and the coronavirus pandemic.

Mena underlined the “importance and the enormous need that the municipality had to unlock the management of the Urbanism area”, and praised the work of the technical staff.
Although he acknowledged that "there is still a lot of work to be done" for urban planning to advance in Arona, he stressed that the unlocking of investments worth 4.8 million euros, "will create jobs and opportunities in the municipality in a moment as complex as this one.”