3 areas of Tenerife have had no new cases for more than 50 days

2020/05/25 10:32:47 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Guía de Isora, Arico and Vilaflor top the list of locations with the lowest incidence of the pandemic in Tenerife.

Three municipalities in Tenerife have had no new cases of COVID-19 for more than 50 days: Guía de Isora has gone 55 days without registering infected people, Arico 54 and Vilaflor 52.
They are followed in that ranking by El Tanque (48 days) and Buenavista del Norte (45) and, already at a distance from the former, Granadilla with 37 days without new cases.

The first of the municipalities to be free of COVID-19 was Vilaflor, since weeks ago the only two residents of the municipality who had tested positive, received medical discharge.
This Monday Guía de Isora followed suit, where 6 residents have been infected since the start of the pandemic, and all of them have recovered.

Arico, also with 6 residents who tested positive, has not yet entered the ranking of the territories with zero active cases, since although it has been almost two months without new infections, one of its residents has not yet recovered from the disease.

In the whole of Tenerife right now, there are 22 residents who are admitted to hospital, and 9 who are in ICU.