SEPE says all ERTE benefits will be paid by June 10th

2020/05/21 21:03:49 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

There are still 2,000 Canaries residents who have not received their aid, despite the fact that some have been included in ERTE since mid-March. SEPE is correcting data mistakes and hopes that by June 10th everyone will have received what they are due.

Although many of the 203,000 workers were included in ERTE in mid-March, after the state of alarm was declared, there are at least 2,000 Canaries workers (2% of the total according to data from the CC OO-Canarias), who have not yet received a single euro.

The problems that have occurred in the data provided by companies in terms of bank account details, and even in some cases, the identification of people, have delayed payments for up to two months, with the consequent problem being the economy of these families.
“There may be an isolated case of someone who could not be reached. In that case, the recommendation is to go to SEPE," indicate close sources.

The SEPE staff have made a great effort to solve these problems, and the forecast is that by June 10th there will not be a single worker of the ERTE without benefits.

Another thing is the ERTE that have been presented throughout this month, and that will continue to arrive for economic, productive and organizational reasons, and that are currently being processed already with the usual procedures once the collapse of the previous months has passed.