Cabildo awards 2.4 million euros to build northern access to race track

2020/07/21 08:03:34 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Cabildo de Tenerife has awarded 2.4 million euros for Phase 1 of the works of the North Access to the Centro Insular Motor Sports Complex in Granadilla de Abona.

The Temporary Business Union formed by AMC Construcciones y Contratas 2014 S.L., Constructora de Proyectos y Obra Civil 2012 S.L., and Obras Públicas Canarias S.L., will be in charge of building this one kilometre long access road that will connect to the circuit.

The term for the completion of this works is set at ten months, which will start from the day following the certification of it being marked out.

The contract shows that payment will be divided into two installments. The first of 1.5 million euros will be paid this year, while the second of 907,598 euros will be made in 2021.

Initially, the file estimated a tender budget of 3.1 million euros for this project and twelve companies or temporary business unions submitted offers for this public tender to take over the construction of this road.

However, the declaration of the state of alarm on March 14th paralyzed all administrative deadlines, causing a delay in many procedures.

The 2.4 million euros that the Cabildo will pay to build the access road to the Motor Circuit, are not the only funds that the Roads, Mobility and Innovation Department plans to allocate to this expensive infrastructure in the coming months. The Cabildo will pay 1.6 million euros to hire an expert technical team for four years, which will be responsible for advising on the drafting and execution of the Circuit's works in order for it to comply with the requirements established by the International Motorcycling Federations (FIM) and Motor Racing (FIA).

To complete the Motor Circuit completely, the Cabildo would have to invest about 30 million euros. Despite the fact that the Island Corporation is promoting contracts worth around four million euros in infrastructure related to this sports complex and its approval, the Island Vice President and Minister for Roads, Mobility and Innovation, Enrique Arriaga, has already pointed out that it is not a project that in these moments of economic crisis is a priority for the Cabildo.