70 National Police officers quarantined in Gran Canaria

2020/05/30 10:58:48 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Federal Police Union (UFP) have announced that 70 officers of the National Police Corps, have been quarantined because the protocols were not carried out correctly during the arrival of two boats with immigrants onboard, on the coasts of Gran Canaria.

The union organization is complaining about the use of cells at the Maspalomas police station and the Superior Police Headquarters, to accommodate the occupants of these boats without having carried out any type of tests, or undergoing the corresponding quarantine.

The situation began on May 19th when a boat with 35 people onboard arrived in Mogán, and members of the National Police and Red Cross wrre deployed to the port of Arguineguín for its reception.

The immigrants, once taken care of, "were transferred to the police units of the Canary Islands Police Headquarters, and entered cells" where they stayed for the minimum necessary time, before releasing them, reports the UFP, adding that once released, an NGO took charge of them.

But on Monday, May 25th, the Union learned "that two of the members of the boat party" had tested positive for Covid-19 and that "before knowing they were positive, they were in police stations interacting with police personnel, and with other detainees inside the cells,” for which they have quarantined some 20 police officers“, who will remain isolated in their homes ”until they have the results of the tests being carried out on them.

The UFP does not know the reason why these immigrants have not been subjected to the "quarantine which people from other countries must undergo upon arrival in Spain" and the "activation, where appropriate, of health protocols and coordination with other professionals for these situations".
They say that all this is leading to "the National Police Force and members of the Red Cross facing different health risks. The cells of a police station should not be the place where migrants begin their quarantine period once they arrive in Spain, due to a health issue."

This same situation was repeated in the Maspalomas Police Station, where the quarantine of passengers of a boat that arrived on May 17th, in which "one of the migrants who was in the cells tested positive for Covid-19" was also not met, explained the UFP. This has meant "the quarantining of fifty more police officers pending test results."

Because of this the Professional Police Union (SPP) criticized the "lack of coordination in everyones actions" for the arrival of boats with immigrants in the Canary Islands, and protested about "serious shortcomings" regarding health prevention measures.
They arecdemanding that Minister Grande-Marlaska implements, "the necessary preventive measures that may directly affect national police officers, and the rest of the personnel involved."