3 new coronavirus cases in Fuerteventura include 2 Trainee Police officers

2020/07/02 16:02:32 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

Two interns from the Guardia Civil who arrived in Fuerteventura a few days ago are part of the new Coronavirus infections in Fuerteventura. The young people, who were tested as a precaution when they arrived on the island, tested positive but are asymptomatic and are currently under isolation at home. It seems they have not been infected on the Island but were already infected when leaving the mainland.

A 3rd person has also tested positive today, the person was tested for coronavirus as he was due to undergo a planned surgery and he was found to also be asymptomatic. It has been confirmed this person lives in Fuerteventura but it is unknown how he contracted the virus.

There is no link of these new cases with the immigrants who arrived on the island last month who are under quarantine in a warehouse, since there has been no contact. All the people currently at the warehouse have had their quarantine extended and are asymptomatic and in good health.