Arrecife signs deal to build 200 public houses in Maneje

2020/05/19 23:13:21 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing of the Canary Islands Government, signed an agreement on Tuesday with the Arrecife City Council, from which they will transfer three plots of municipal land, which add up to 7,638 square metres, for the construction of 200 official protection houses (VPO) in the neighbourhood of Maneje.

The Canary Islands Government will allocate 20 million euros of public funds to the construction of this new social housing.

The regional councilor, Sebastián Franquis, highlighted the "boost" given in recent months by the regional government to this promotion of VPO, which had been planned a decade ago but which, could never be launched until now.

With this promotion of new VPOs, which will be built to respond to the housing requests of the plaintiffs of the municipality, the Canary Islands Government resumes the construction of public housing on the island of Lanzarote, 26 years after the last promotion.

The transfer by the City Council of this land is made free of charge, despite the fact that the market value of each of the three plots exceeds three million euros.

"Once the transfer of the land has been signed, we are able to define the construction project from the ICAVI, and I hope that at the end of this year we can put out to tender the construction of this new development," assured Franquis.

“Since this Government began its journey, we have put our efforts into unlocking many housing construction projects that have been stagnant for years, which is why for a few months we have promoted this work with the Arrecife City Council, to which we are grateful for the cooperation shown at all times, giving Priority to the creation of new public housing in Lanzarote, which is one of the islands where the least amount of VPO has been built in the Canary Islands ”, he added.

This municipal land ceded to the Canary Government, is part of the Los Geranios Partial Plan, with which three plots are allocated to the Canary Housing Institute with a total extension of 7,638 square meters and a valuation of more than nine million euros.
From the ICAVI, it has been planned that this promotion will have 200 homes distributed as follows:
20 one-bedroom houses,
30 two-bedroom houses,
120 three-bedroom houses,
30 four-bedroom houses.