20 year old arrested for human trafficking in Lanzarote

2020/07/07 15:45:22 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

Despite only being 20 years old, he is a well-known organizer of illegal trips from Morocco on this type of boat, charging each migrant 1,500 euros for a place to the Canary Islands. He was arrested after arriving in Lanzarote on June 30th in a patera with 19 people on-board.

This has been reported by the Canary Islands Police Headquarters, which adds that the 20-year-old man was detained after he was recognised from a previous trip as the ‘skipper’ of the boat, and has been in custody without bail since his arrival.

The investigation began once the boat arrived at the Lanzarote shore, and during the identification of all on board, agents were able to fully identify one of the members of the boat as the trip organizer and skipper.

The police confirmed that he is a well-known organizer of illegal trips aboard boats from Morocco to Spain, personally charging in advance the amount of 1,500 euros to each migrant and lodging them in apartments rented for this purpose in Safi (Morocco), the starting point of the trip.

They wait in this city until sea conditions for the trip were met, or until the quota of places available in it, was complete.

Meanwhile, once on board, he was guided to his destination with the help of a global positioning device (GPS), which was launched into the sea just before reaching the coast.

Finally, the police investigation ended with his arrest as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against human rights, and once the police report was investigated, he was placed at the disposal of Investigating Court No. 1 of Arrecife, who sent him to prison.