13 stolen cars found in containers Las Palmas bound for Africa

2020/11/07 18:32:54 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Guardia Civil has recovered thirteen cars valued at almost 300,000 euros in the port of La Luz, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, that have been reported stolen recently in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, inside containers destined for Africa.

As reported by the Las Palmas Command, the cars were spotted thanks to a scanner from the Tax Agency, which allows the containers to be inspected without having to open them.

The first shipment of stolen cars was discovered on September 28th, in a container loaded with three low mileage Peugeots, which were not included in the declaration of merchandise in transit.

Following the same line of investigation, on October 7th the opening of another container revealed four Toyotas hidden inside.

On October 16th, three more vehicles were found, two more Peugeots and a Citroen DS,, again with very few kilometres on the clock.

Finally this Tuesday, November 3rd, the last three cars were found, all Toyotas, giving a total haul of thirteen vehicles valued at just under 300,000 euros.

After locating the vehicles, the Guardia Civil checked all the registration and chassis numbers in the Sirene system, which is a database shared with other police forces in the EU, which revealed that all of them were recently stolen in various countries across Europe.

They said in a press release that 23 cars, and a motorcycle, have been found in containers in transit through the ports of the Canary Islands so far this year, with an approximate total market value of over 500,000 euros.