Foul-mouthed plane passenger kicked off after threats to staff

A FURIOUS air passenger was thrown off a flight to Gatwick from Gran Canaria after shouting at the cabin crew and threatening to cut off a flight attendant’s head.

The man launched a foul-mouthed rant at his female companion, as well as the cabin crew, who tried to calm him down on board the Thomas Cook jet.

Another passenger filmed the angry confrontation as he sat patiently in a nearby seat, awaiting take-off.

It is not clear what angered the man so much, but he shouted furiously about his son and daughter, at his unseen companion.

Police were eventually summoned to drag him off the flight and he has now been banned from returning to the UK with Thomas Cook.

The man who filmed the episode, said: “He was really going crazy. He was from London, and I managed to film most of it as I was sitting behind them.”

At the start of the clip, the angry passenger is seen leaping out of his seat, with a number of people standing in the galley to deal with what has already become a problem.

The foul-mouthed person shouts: “I want to go home”, but a woman replies: “You’re not going home on this aircraft”.

She attempts to pacify him, pulling him down by his arm and saying: “Calm down, you’re not helping anything, are you?”

A cabin steward tries to calm the passenger in the middle of his furious rant, but that merely leads him to turn his anger on her, saying: “You don’t f****** help, do you? You f****** started it all.”

A flight attendant crouches down by the man’s seat and urges him to “talk to me”, but the seething passenger threatens to “chop your f****** head off”.

The attendant admonishes him, saying: “Talk to me nicely. I don’t come to work to be talked to like that.’”

He urges the man to talk to him at the back of the plane, where it was relatively quiet, but the passenger is again distracted, feuding with his partner.

When the man launches another outburst about his son and daughter, the steward tries again to reason with him, saying: “Come with me; talk to me. Come and talk to me in the galley,”

Another passenger filmed the angry confrontation as he sat, patiently, in a nearby seat. The steward stands in an adjacent row, trying to reason with the man, and yet another passenger filmed the angry confrontation, as he sat patiently in a nearby seat, hoping for take-off.

But as the row continues, the unruly man puts his head in his hand, dejectedly, and tells other passengers to “carry on”.

The steward tries again to lead the man away, and asks: “Are you going to talk to me nicely” The passenger refuses, saying: “No, because you’re going to chuck me off.”

He finally gets up again and walks towards the front of the aircraft, at which point there appears to be some further altercation, hidden from view by the back of a seat.

His companion shouts; “Please, you’re not helping yourself,” before the video cuts out.

The man, who was eventually led off the flight by police, will not be allowed to fly back to the UK with the airline.

A company spokeswoman said: “The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority. Following disruptive behaviour from a passenger onboard flight MT1069, police were called to the aircraft and removed a passenger, before leaving Gran Canaria.”

She added: “We will not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour on board Thomas Cook Airlines.”


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