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Noisy group’s gunfire terrified the residents

NEIGHBOURS in the El Cardinal town of Taco La Laguna were frightened out of their wits last weekend, when they heard gunfire, and what seemed to be several people having a loud argument on the street. The noise became worse and worse, involving a lot of abusive shouting, so residents decided to alert the Canarian […]

Pedro’s euthanasia pledge

SPAIN’S Prime Minister has said his left-leaning Partido Socialista (PSOE) party will legalise euthanasia if it maintains power, following the snap general election on Sunday, 28th April. Pedro Sanchez, attending a campaign event in Galacia’s La Coruña City, said a PSOE Government would recognise the right to euthanasia and to dignified dying. Efforts to legalise […]

Six Boeing 737 MAX stranded in Canaries

SIX Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger planes have been deserted on two airport runways in the Canaries, now that the European Union has joined China, India, Mongolia, Ethiopia and Australia in grounding them all. Five at Gran Canaria airport, along with one at Tenerife South, have been taken out of use, the latter being a […]

Shoppers can use their own plastic boxes now

CUSTOMERS at Carrefour’s 1,000-plus supermarkets in Spain can now cut down on their own plastic waste at home. Whether you’re concerned about your plastic footprint, or are fed up with how quickly your rubbish bin fills up, this is good news if you’re shopping for groceries at the supermarket giants. It will allow customers to […]

Tenerife gang’s nutrition pill was danger to health

The Spanish Tax agency joined forces with the National Police to dismantle a gang of people, selling nutritional pills containing substances which are a potential danger to health. During the operation, 18 people were charged, and 400,000 pills confiscated. The pills originated in China, and officers discovered that they were being distributed, through the post, […]

If you want it, take it!

SOME 10,000 cases of animal abandonment were registered in Spain and the islands last year, and an insensitive sign (our headline), stuck on the side of a cage, explains the sorry attitude of some people. On further inspection, there was a rabbit inside the cage, and sources have reported that a taxi driver found the […]

Air rage triggers flyers’ booze ban

AIR rage, encouraged by Duty Free booze, is becoming a problem for many UK airline companies. And though serious incidents remain fairly rare, there is enough concern to prompt an all-out ban of alcohol, bought from airports’ World Duty Free shops. The chain, which has 22 stores in the country’s largest airports, including Heathrow, Manchester […]

Anti-Brexit group to join London protest

AROUND 100 British expats have confirmed that they will fly to London to take part in a huge Brexit protest tomorrow (Saturday). They are members of anti-Brexit group Bremain in Spain, whose aim is “campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU”. Tomorrow’s “Put It To The People” event is expected to be the […]

Brolly bad show for pensioner, 70

A PENSIONER was seriously injured on Tuesday when a parasol crashed into him as he relaxed on the Playa del Ingles beach in Gran Canaria. The brolly, which had been blown from the sand by the wind, struck him on the head, just after midday. Witnesses said it was a little windy, but they were […]

Corrosive-spraying burglar jailed for nearly nine years

A BURGLAR, who sprayed a man’s face with a corrosive liquid before fleeing to Spain, was jailed for eight years and nine months in the UK. David Hudson attacked the 20-year-old victim, after forcing his way into an Essex address at Leigh-on-Sea in October, 2017. He sprayed the man with liquid from a bottle he […]

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