What to do when stopped by the police

WE all know that the police are tasked with doing a job, and it’s something that some people don’t like. However, we must remember that all police forces worldwide are there to keep the public and road users safe, wherever possible. In the Canaries, there are four police “forces”, or departments. Policia Local These police […]

Cars are changing

WE are all aware that technology has its foot placed firmly in almost all parts of modern-day life, but we’re often unaware of  what has been, or will be, introduced, or what it will mean to us. We’re going to focus on some things that are changing in the car industry, and how they may […]

Seat belts so vital

WE are all aware that seat belts must be worn at all times BY LAW, but so many people ignore this. By doing so, they are risking the possibility of serious injuries, or even death, in the event of an accident or impact. More worrying is the fact that many parents do not take the […]

Electric cars and their future

WE hear, quite often, on the television or in the press, that the electric car is a thing of the future. Is this a reality, or is modern technology coming with too high a price tag, and too many dangers? We are already seeing many large car parks and supermarket car parks – as well […]

Buying or renting a car?

SO you’ve made the big move, or you’re what is often termed as being a “Swallow”. You’ll always need the use of a car, so you hire one, right? As with renting a property, it’s always a good idea, initially, as it gives you a feel of the place in which you are living, and […]

Spain’s car-manufacturing history

SPAIN’S economic expansion was set to rise with the introduction of its large motor-vehicle assemblies, which started in the 1950s on mainland Spain. By the 1970s, this sector had become Spain’s second-most-important industry in the manufacturing sector, and, by the mid-1980s, it was THE most important producer of exports. This may seem quite alien to […]

Exchanging foreign licences

IN 2015, the DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) set out the criteria that had to be met when a foreigner would be obligated to replace their foreign driving licence with a Spanish one. Over the last two years, there have been countless publications and “advice” given by all sorts of people as to why you […]

Car Data … is it worth anything?

WHEN we buy a new car, we are looking at the costs and the make of the model, etc. But one of the most valuable things about your new car will be something you’ll never even see. Forget the engine size, shining exterior or colour; the data the vehicle holds will be much more valuable. […]

Top Motors galore, for oldies and youngsters!

By Kirk Readings A TENERIFE motor convention, resembling the valet-parking of a family party worthy of the Sultan of Brunei, featured a list of dazzling cars, including Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and BMW. Last Friday and Saturday saw the first Top Motor Canarias show at Arona’s prestigious Magma Art and Congress convention centre, sponsored […]

A super feast for motor-sport fans

TOP Motor Canarias 2017, the first big motor show to take place here in the South, is planning to establish itself as a week-long event here. Magma Art & Congress meets all requirements for housing such a show, aimed at all motor-sport fans; not only in the Canaries, but also those visiting us from anywhere […]

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