How to make sure you a covered when buying a second-hand car

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WE have recently had customers affected by issues that can arise after the purchase of a second-hand car, where they didn’t have any paperwork, or when the cars have even been impounded by the police. We are going to highlight the points that buyers should be very aware of when buying a second-hand car or […]

Info on Spanish licence

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By Emma Swain IT is surprising just what information a Spanish driving contains, and how it relates to each individual. If you don’t believe me, just cast your eyes over the following data. Each section has a number, which then describes the item shown: 1. Surname 2. Given names 3. Date and country of birth […]

Child car seats (part 3)

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What happens if a child-restraint system is not used? Firstly, regardless of the distance which is to be travelled, using a normal 3-point restraint system for a minor isn’t any good. If the minor’s feet don’t touch the ground/floor or the vehicle, then the belt is of no use as the child could slide out […]

Child car safety (part 2)

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IN the last issue, I covered the transporting of babies and young children up to four years in vehicles, and I’m now continuing with this important subject. Group 1 (9-18kg), from 1-4 years The child is strapped into the restraint system via a five-point harness, and then the restraint system is connected to the car. […]

It’s maximum madness!

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WITH a nod towards this weekend’s much-anticipated EZE group Cup exhibition night, Pas O Nadas A and Phoenix Bar put on their own show of darting excellence, battling out a quality match at Bar El Ritual, in Los Abrigos. Of course, those involved can’t claim to be of world-class standard, but maybe the recent World […]

Car-restraint systems to protect the children

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By Emma CHILDREN grow at an alarmingly-fast rate, which means their height and weight varies quickly. This, in turn, means that the car-restraint system in which they might be travelling can become too small for them for safety and comfort. Kids require a restraint system that adjusts to all their growing demands to keep them […]

What is covered by the guarantee law?

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By Emma THE guarantee law, which doesn’t exclude specific components or parts, mentions only the actual condition of the vehicle, as described by the seller to the consumer. Thus, second-hand vehicle parts which are worn or damaged, and are notified to the seller, are never covered because it is deemed that the consumer knew about […]

Buying second-hand cars

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FOLLOWING on from my last column, I will carry on explaining the complex law affecting all second-hand car-buyers. It should prove useful for many readers, and offers clarification of the latest, most up-to-date information available. Can a guarantee be limited to the clock’s kilometres? In the case of the legal guarantee, the answer is No, […]

Second-hand-car guarantees

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WHEN you buy a second-hand car, be it from an individual or a car dealer, you are automatically given a type of guarantee. There are different versions, depending on the seller and/or the buyer, and the main type is known as a legal guarantee. And, over the next few issues, I will explain the differences, […]

Cyclists, and other road-users

Tenerife, winter training camp, climb (Pic: Polka Dot Cycling)

WE are all aware that there are lots of cyclists on our Tenerife roads, and that some appear to use the entire highway exclusively, to the detriment of motorists and other users. But, is this legal? There are many ways to look at this. Firstly, yes; cyclists have just as much right to use the […]

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