The importance of keeping information up to date

IN this issue, we are going to remind you of why it is important to keep your address and other details up to date, bearing in mind recent fatal, and near-fatal, accidents, that have occurred in the South of the island. In past years, your full name and address would appear on your vehicle’s “permiso […]

Ways to check your car is road-legal

THE Guardia Civil have advised that if you want to save yourself an €800 fine, then use the coin trick. Our vehicle needs be in good mechanical condition to drive safely, and without any worries. One of the most vital things that gets overlooked is the tyres. These are so important, because they are the […]

Accidents – what to do if there are injuries

ACCORDING to the Spanish Penal Code (Código Penal), it is every citizen’s responsibility to assist an injured person after an accident. What needs to be done? The first sixty minutes after an accident are crucial for injured parties. Between 30%-50% of deaths occur in the first five minutes, and 75% within the first hour. In […]

Driving-licence codes

YOU may have noticed that on the reverse of your licence there are codes against certain categories. We are sure that most people don’t take any notice, and/or don’t know what they signify, but you can avoid getting a fine if you are aware of restrictions that you may have on your licence. The front […]

ITV exhaust emissions

WHEN it’s time for your car’s ITV, the most usual items to check would be wheels, tyres, brakes and bodywork damage, some of which we have already covered. We often forget about our cars’ contaminating emissions. This is one of the fundamental aspects to passing an ITV, because it is the most-common cause of failure. […]

Wash, repair or spray cars?

THE law about washing, repairing or spraying your car on a public road is clear, and the answer is a firm No! Article 4.2 of the Reglamento General de Circulación states that it is prohibited to throw, deposit or abandon on the road, objects or materials that can cause an issue with traffic, such as […]

What should I carry in the car?

AS we are approaching Christmas, you will no doubt have noticed more police on the roads. For this reason, we feel it would be a good idea to remind readers of what they should carry in their vehicle to avoid fines (multas), if they are unfortunate enough to be stopped. We have  covered this subject […]

Parking lines and road markings in Spain

ALTHOUGH Spain is in Europe, sometimes you may feel that their road signs, signals and road markings are not. We are going to simplify them. The main reason for road markings is usually to denote the separation of the sides of a road, or changes in the type of road. They also provide drivers with […]

The different zebra crossings in Spain

MANY people get confused by the different colours of road markings, which appear to be for pedestrian use, as crossings. There are, basically, three colours: the normal black and white, known, almost internationally, as zebra crossings, as well as red and white, and blue and white. What do they actually mean? There are two ways […]

After-market extras

SOMETIMES, we think we’ve found the car of our dreams, but something’s missing. It could be reversing bleepers, a camera for assisting when parking, a better radio that has Bluetooth … the list is endless. Often, we are put off adding these aids because we think it’s either not possible on our car, or would […]

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