The PAS System in Spain – what it means and entails

AS in all countries, in the event of an accident or incident, the primary concern should be of the safety of those concerned. The emergency services have a system called PAS, which is Proteger, Avisar y Socorer. This does not translate literally for us into English, but it means, essentially, Protect, Advise and Assist. These […]

The risk of older vehicles

AS we enter a more technical and computerised world, which is advancing very rapidly, the risks of older cars and their safety becomes more apparent. There have been recent comparisons made, showing that accidents and incidents, occurring with vehicles 15 years or older, are increased twofold, compared with cars of between 5-7 years. With enhanced […]

Keep your address up to date

MOST people will be completely unaware that if they do not keep the authorities up to date with their details, and this includes Tráfico, they will be unlikely to receive any fine (multa/notificación) notifications. The correspondence may be from the social office, Hacienda or Tráfico. For example, it could be a speeding or parking fine, […]

Here’s why the car often breaks down

THE most common reason for a car breakdown, or its failure to start, is probably because of the battery. In the UK, we normally associate this with cold, damp weather. But, here, in Tenerife, the reverse is true. Extreme heat and the dry air mean that a battery can “give up” without any notice, and […]

It’s that time of year again

WITH Christmas and New Year approaching, there will be lots of parties, get-togethers and family gatherings. But while this can be a  happy time of the year, drivers and pedestrians must be mindful of the dangers this season brings. Of course, the most important is to remember the age-old saying: “Don’t drink and drive”, which […]

Servicing your car

REGULAR car servicing may seem to be an expense you put at the back of your mind, but, in the long term, it can actually save you money. Having your car regularly serviced can make the difference towards its smooth running, and fuel efficiency, and reduce the risk of an unexpected breakdown. The service schedule […]

The dreaded roundabouts in Spain

MOST foreign, and even local, drivers in Spain find the prospect of using a roundabout daunting, and, at times, frustrating. So many people seem to have their own “rules”, when it comes to using them! A roundabout is designed to improve the flow of traffic and not to hinder it, but that’s not always the […]

Driving habits that can cost you money

WHETHER you have been driving for years, or are an occasional or new driver, then you will probably have picked up bad driving habits. We all have bad habits, in all parts of our lives, but some driving habits can be costly, regarding fines, as well as the points system. Some habits are serious and […]

Brexit, and UK driving licences

WE are trying to keep our clients informed, as much as possible, regarding the exchange of UK licences to Spanish ones, and how Brexit is likely to, or will, affect those who have not yet exchanged their UK licences. Last week, we posted information on our Facebook page, having been verbally informed of the situation, […]

Vision and driving

DO you know whether your sight is really good enough to be driving safely? A recent survey was carried out, and concluded that more than eight million drivers do not see sufficiently well. The study was carried out in Spain by the Insituto de Varilux. Many readers may recognise this name, if they have varifocal […]

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