Car Data … is it worth anything?

WHEN we buy a new car, we are looking at the costs and the make of the model, etc. But one of the most valuable things about your new car will be something you’ll never even see. Forget the engine size, shining exterior or colour; the data the vehicle holds will be much more valuable. […]

Top Motors galore, for oldies and youngsters!

By Kirk Readings A TENERIFE motor convention, resembling the valet-parking of a family party worthy of the Sultan of Brunei, featured a list of dazzling cars, including Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and BMW. Last Friday and Saturday saw the first Top Motor Canarias show at Arona’s prestigious Magma Art and Congress convention centre, sponsored […]

A super feast for motor-sport fans

TOP Motor Canarias 2017, the first big motor show to take place here in the South, is planning to establish itself as a week-long event here. Magma Art & Congress meets all requirements for housing such a show, aimed at all motor-sport fans; not only in the Canaries, but also those visiting us from anywhere […]

Police checkpoints and random stops

ANY person who has driven on Spanish roads will no doubt have seen or passed through a Spanish Police Road-Block Checkpoint. These are normally carried out by the Guardia Civil, who are the Traffic Police, but here in the Tenerife the relatively new police department, the Policia Canaria, also carry out these checks. Sometimes these […]

Driving licences in Spain

FOR those of us living permanently in Spain, we know the importance of having the correct paperwork, and for it all to be in order. Why then do so many foreigners, not just those from the UK, forget, or feel the need to “hang on to” their driving licence from their country of origin? Many […]

Hidden cost of car-buying

THERE are often costs incurred, other than the agreed purchase price, when buying or selling a car, either privately, from a garage, or even a new model from a registered dealer. We have all seen the big billboards advertising brand-new cars stating “from 7,995 euros”, for example. This low price is to grab your interest […]

How to make sure you a covered when buying a second-hand car

WE have recently had customers affected by issues that can arise after the purchase of a second-hand car, where they didn’t have any paperwork, or when the cars have even been impounded by the police. We are going to highlight the points that buyers should be very aware of when buying a second-hand car or […]

Info on Spanish licence

By Emma Swain IT is surprising just what information a Spanish driving contains, and how it relates to each individual. If you don’t believe me, just cast your eyes over the following data. Each section has a number, which then describes the item shown: 1. Surname 2. Given names 3. Date and country of birth […]

Child car seats (part 3)

What happens if a child-restraint system is not used? Firstly, regardless of the distance which is to be travelled, using a normal 3-point restraint system for a minor isn’t any good. If the minor’s feet don’t touch the ground/floor or the vehicle, then the belt is of no use as the child could slide out […]

Child car safety (part 2)

IN the last issue, I covered the transporting of babies and young children up to four years in vehicles, and I’m now continuing with this important subject. Group 1 (9-18kg), from 1-4 years The child is strapped into the restraint system via a five-point harness, and then the restraint system is connected to the car. […]

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