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Seasonal and tourism rental

MANY letters I receive refer to the issues of  “holiday rental” or “touristic rental” (alquiler turístico). I have written in previous articles about these type of contracts (letting agreements subject to Tourism Law). I will return to this topic in future columns, but for now, I consider it interesting to discuss the difference between “seasonal […]

Not the tastiest dish!

I HAVE received several letters with reference to the Community of Owners` issue. I will try to reply to them (I have written privately) through this column. Thanks to all Canarian Weekly readers. Subject: Parabolic in private area Please can you advise on a problem which I am sure affects not only ourselves but other […]

Help, I have noisy neighbours 

I HAVE received several letters from readers about my column on the Community of Owners, and this week I am replying some of them. I enjoyed your article on the community owners’ duties. Could you please expand on this? What, for example, happens if the property is not registered with the tourist rental community? Is […]

Community of Owners

ALTHOUGH I have written about this in previous columns, I feel it is a good idea to clarify some points. I am aware that many readers are still confused about some terms and legalities of the Community of Owners. Any property in Spain in a building is included in the Horizontal Division Law, which means […]

Autonomous communities

A READER has asked me why there are different laws within the Spanish territory, such as National Laws and Autonomous Community Laws, (without taking into account European Law) and how can we distinguish each one. To outline this in a column is a challenge, but I will try to explain this by summarising the Spanish […]

Vagaries of Spanish Wills

THE Editor has received an email with a situation that involves many English people granted Spanish Wills. I agree with Roscoe (Editor) that it could be interesting to include the matter in this column, so I am reproducing the email and give my opinion afterwards. Dear Editor. A number of years ago, my husband and […]

Tourist rental laws: Fact or fiction?

THE year was 2012. Owners of tourist apartments on “UtopiaIsland” were closely monitoring the legal situation regarding the rental of their properties to tourists following years of systematic persecution by the tourist authorities. Fear and uncertainty was rife. Everyone agreed that something had to be done about the “unfair” and “monopolistic” laws restricting how properties […]

Buying property in the Canaries

THIS is a kind of dictionary connected to the purchase of a property in theCanary Islands. You can find a lot of information on the internet relating to this subject but sometimes, although the facts are correct, there are many things to bear in mind. Normally, there are lots of legal steps to be carried […]

Problems facing home defaulters

I HAVE received numerous emails since my last column, and this one caught my eye especially. That’s because the situation has been happening all over theIslandthanks to the perilous financial predicament many of you are experiencing. Dear Mariano, I bought a property in 2007, with a mortgage, in Fuerteventura. It is not my family home. […]

Inheritance tax is back

In previous columns, I have spoken about the Spanish Inheritance Tax and its exemption within the Canary Island Autonomous Community (from 2008) for residents. The Canarian Government has now reinstated the Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax, so it is a good time to remind you just what these taxes are, and how they are regulated. […]

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