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Decorating for Christmas

COLOUR is one of the main components of interior design, and the same could be said about decorating your house for Christmas. The colours traditionally associated with this time of year are vibrant reds and greens, and golds and bronzes, to create a warm and homely effect. Colours have a subliminal effect on us, with […]

Getting ready for Christmas

GETTING ready for Christmas…just writing it gets me excited! I mean, who doesn’t love the festive season, right? Of course, it doesn’t come without a little dose of stress and panic. Like many of us, I have the family over. You would think I had the royal family coming, with the amount of cleaning and […]

Voiles are back in fashion!

WINDOW dressing is a vital part of any interior-decoration scheme.  Curtains clearly have a practical use:to control the entry of light and heat, to give privacy and to create an intimate environment. Net curtains used to be a bit of a cliché in decorating terms, but new manufacturing methods and a wider range of materials, […]

Decorative items

  USING decorative items in your property is what makes it personal to you.  They reflect your tastes and ideas, and express your personality through the choices you have made. If you live full-time in your property, you may have family photos or items of sentimental value to decorate your living space. However, sometimes it’s […]

Keep it up

WHEN letting out apartments, holiday ones in particular, it is really important to keep them up to a high standard. There is a lot of competition on the island, and offering a good-looking, clean and well-maintained apartment can make all the difference to your guests. It is also more likely that they will take better […]

Young relatives visiting?

MANY people, who buy a property in Tenerife, do so because they have family who will visit and use the place as well. It may be grandchildren or just younger members, but it is worth considering whether you should make any special arrangements, in order to make their stay pleasant and safe. Often, the sproperty […]

Exterior spaces

NOT all of us are lucky enough to have gardens and large outside spaces here in Tenerife, but most of us do have something, even if it’s just a small balcony. Whatever exterior space we do have, it’s an important area of the home; a little sanctuary, if you like, where a lot of time […]

Get organised!

THE main reason a home can look untidy mostly boils down to not having the right storage! We all have “stuff”, and there is no getting away from it. The fact is, it’s impossible, so we have to learn to live with it. Take, for instance, the office area. We all have mountains of paperwork, […]

Private rental property

IF you rent out your property, you sometimes need to take a critical look at it, in case it’s necessary to make any changes for the months ahead. Don’t lose sight of who is going to use the property. For example, if you are aiming for high-end rentals, you will need to supply good-quality furniture […]

Holiday time for everybody

IT’S hot! Everybody is on holiday! Salads and cool drinks are the order of the day. Shade and sea is all they need. Equally, you may well have some time off yourself, in which case it’s definitely the best time to relax, chill out and enjoy your property in Tenerife. Jobs such as remodelling or […]

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