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Dress those windows!

ABOUT a decade ago, the interior-design fashion was to match everything in the bedroom, to make it look very “designed”. This included the bedspreads, curtains, and, quite often, a set of toning plastic flowers, as well. Apologies to anyone who still has these items still in their property! Of course, now things are completely different, […]

A good night’s sleep

A GOOD night’s sleep is more important than most people realise. The health benefits are endless, and so are the negatives of not getting enough. This is quite relevant to me at the moment, because, with this heat and a newborn baby, the lack of sleep is not letting me think of much else!So, having […]

How to dress your windows

DRESSING the windows of your property is a vital part of your interior design, for a number of reasons. In Tenerife, at least some of your windows are likely to be patio doors. They take up a large part of the room, and the colour, style and pattern you choose will have a huge influence […]

The great outdoors!

IF you ask anyone who is a full-time resident here in Tenerife, or has just come over for the winter months, why they choose Tenerife, the number-one reason will be the climate! We all love the sun, and are trying to escape the grey skies of Britain, or anywhere else in Europe. Not so long […]

Decorating in a warm climate

IF you are decorating a property in Tenerife with the lovely warm climate, there are different things to consider than if you were doing so in the UK. If you think of a colonial decorating scheme, it brings to mind big, open spaces, a lot of bamboo furniture with tropical prints, light airy curtains, tiled […]

Home staging

TENERIFE is bursting at the seams at the moment, becoming more and more popular by the day, and the property market is raking in the benefits with property prices at their peak. So if you are selling, or even wanting to rent out your place, and wish to achieve the best-possible price, it has to […]

Let someone else lend you a hand!

SOMETIMES, buying an apartment at a cheaper price, because it needs work doing, can be a great investment. The problems arise if you don’t live in Tenerife, and are not on-hand to oversee the work, and aren’t familiar with the language and where to source the items you need. However, there is a solution. Interior […]

Time for a make-over

THE word make-over was initially meant to describe a radical change in a person’s appearance. However, it’s not just one’s own physique that can get a makeover, your interior can, too! The famous phrase “five-minute make-over” might be slightly too optimistic to expect for your interior, although, with the right help and preparations,  massive changes […]

Filling wall space…

THIS part of decorating can be tricky, but there are plenty of options available. Whatever you choose, whether it’s something very personal, telling your life story, or selected because it looks good and goes with the décor, it has to be something you love looking at, day in, day out. With so many available types […]

Decorating for Christmas

COLOUR is one of the main components of interior design, and the same could be said about decorating your house for Christmas. The colours traditionally associated with this time of year are vibrant reds and greens, and golds and bronzes, to create a warm and homely effect. Colours have a subliminal effect on us, with […]

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