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by Liliana Meyrick of Muebles Chic EACH year, hundreds of expats flood in from the UK to invest in a holiday home, here in Tenerife. However, a second home in the sun couldn´t be more different from your typically-British home that one is used to, but the old saying still stands: “An Englishman’s home is his […]

Restoring a finca?

IF you have thought about buying an old Canarian house and restoring it, you are in good company. Many people have done it, with varying degrees of success. Obviously, a great deal of work goes into making the house structurally stable and waterproof, with all utilities in place, and the next issue facing you is […]

Make your restaurant stand out!

IF you own a bar or restaurant in Tenerife, you will be very aware of the amount of competition there is to attract customers to your business. First impressions are therefore very important, and one of the main ways you can influence this is through furniture and lighting. Years ago, it was quite common to […]

Colour and contrast

IN warm countries, there is a tendency to use open-plan lay-outs to improve air-flow. It’s also a way of maximising the actual liveable space in a small property. That means there might be a dining “area”, as opposed to a dining “room”. And, as a result, distinctions between the different areas can become blurred, so […]

That kitchen magic

WHATEVER your particular interior-design taste, the kitchen is one area where a sleek, shiny, modern look usually works. In many Tenerife properties, the kitchen is open-plan, combined with a dining area, if not the lounge as well. Therefore, the style of your kitchen has more impact on your overall, interior design than might be the […]

Interior designer so handy

MANY people who buy a Tenerife property come over to the island strictly for that purpose, and then need to leave and return to their everyday lives. But in this situation, what do you do about all the other matters that need to be addressed? Very often, changes are essential to bring any pre-owned property […]

Turn-key furnishing service

WHEN people buy a property abroad, they sometimes don’t think about what they will need after the purchase has gone through. After all, finding the right property, appointing a solicitor, getting all the money in place and signing at the notary can be time-consuming, and rather stressful. And then what? If you’ve bought a new […]

New Year, spring clean

OKAY, so it’s not Spring, but since we don’t have proper seasons here in Tenerife, New Year is as good a time as any to have a blitz of your property and get it back into tip-top shape! Apart from clearing up after the festivities, it’s also time to cast a critical eye over your […]

Home, where the heart is

As ex-pats, it’s always an interesting question as to where you consider “home” to be. For the Swallows, who split their time between the UK and Tenerife, their answer would, probably, be the UK. But for those of us who live here, and have done for some time, the question is more complicated. We all […]

Christmas in the sun

Most of us who live here would say that one of the main reasons we do so is the nice weather. However, Christmas is, pretty much, the only time of year when the lovely warmth and sunshine isn’t great, because it’s just not, well, Christmassy! There are two ways to approach this. Go for the […]

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