A delicious, Roman vegetable!

BROCCOLI was cultivated in Italy, in ancient Roman times, from wild cabbage. It is really a very large flower top, picked before it blooms. It gets its name from the Italian word “broccolo”, which means “cabbage sprout”. Broccoli was first introduced to the US by Italian immigrants, but did not become widely known until the […]

Nothing cheesy about this cost!

A RESTAURANT in Asturias has purchased a chunk of locally-produced cheese, for the mouth-watering sum of 14,300 euros at auction. The bidding began at 1,000 euros, and the battle between 15 restaurants saw the price rocket in seconds. Cabrales, one of the most sought-after cheese varieties, often nets impossible-sounding fortunes at auction, although this year, […]

Ginger’s so good for you

GINGER is a popular ingredient in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine. It has also been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Its possible health benefits include relieving nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain. The root or underground stem (rhizome) of the ginger plant can be consumed fresh, powdered, dried […]

Fancy a fuzzy Kiwi?

KIWIFRUIT was named after the New Zealand Kiwi bird, the unusual flightless variety, because they are both small, brown and furry! But not all kiwi fruit is fuzzy! The most popular variety is, appropriately, called fuzzy kiwifruit, but there is also golden kiwi with a smooth, bronze skin. The golden kiwi is actually sweeter, and […]

Ginger Restaurant

By Jo Rham GINGER Restaurant, based in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, boasts a fantastic terrace with a lovely view of the mountains. We revisited, to  check out the new breakfast and lunch-time menus. We were greeted on the terrace by Jules, who showed us to our confortable seats. She went through the […]

Golden delights of the pineapple

PINEAPPLES are, perhaps, one of the most-widely-consumed tropical fruits in the world. They taste amazing, and can be eaten, as well as processed into juice. Although many people prefer them in juice form, there are countless benefits to eating them fresh. Getting through their hard shells might be a daunting task, but the yellow, inner […]

Trick the kids with this healthy dessert

IF you want a snack or dessert, puddings are popular grab-and-go items.  However, if you frequently buy pudding at a supermarket or grocery, what you will see in the ingredients list will shock you. Vegetable oils, chemical compounds and artificial flavourings are just some of the harmful and unhealthy ingredients in shop-bought pudding. The good […]

French whining about deception

IT’S known as francisé wine, and many consumers drink it at bistros in the belief that it is a house wine, or buy it in nearby supermarkets, thinking it’s an inexpensive, local product. In reality, it is Spanish wine that seems French because of the use of deliberately-misleading labels or fraudulent practices. The fraud department […]

Chill Out by name, chill-out by nature!

By Jo Rham AS the name suggests, the Chill Out restaurant, situated on the beach front of Los Cristianos, just near the tunnel on the Las Vistas side, is the ideal place to relax, whether you are coming off the beach, or ready for your night out. As we were seated, we both noticed the […]

The goo of the Gods!

The Aloe Vera plant is native to Northern Africa, and the first recordings of its use as a medicine were found on ancient Egyptian papyrus or ebers. Nowadays, it is commonly used for numerous health problems, both topically and internally. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most beneficial plants on the planet, and it can […]

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