The goo of the Gods!

The Aloe Vera plant is native to Northern Africa, and the first recordings of its use as a medicine were found on ancient Egyptian papyrus or ebers. Nowadays, it is commonly used for numerous health problems, both topically and internally. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most beneficial plants on the planet, and it can […]

Now that’s Ace!

WITH fantastic views of Puerto Colon, and the hustle and bustle of the boats in the port, the Ace Cafe is in the perfect position, sitting on the first floor, next to the Slow Boat restaurant. The views may be like others in the area, but what this little bar has, above the rest, is […]

It’s worth its salt for tip-top health

MANY people think that salt is just sodium chloride, and it’s all the same. They use it to add flavour to their food, and keep their body’s sodium levels from going too low, or too high. That may be true of highly-processed table salt, but, as with most other foods, salt varies widely in terms […]

Master chef’s ready for new inventions 

FERRAN Adria, acknowledged as one of the top chefs, worldwide, is opening a cutting-edge, food laboratory next year, in his former Catalonian restaurant, El Bulli. The idea has been in the pipeline for the last seven years, since he closed the doors of his iconic, Michelin, 3-star restaurant. The lab, named, appropriately, El Bulli 1846, […]

Thai Botanico – where East meets West with luxury and tradition

THAI Botanico is a firm favourite with Tenerife locals and visitors. It’s the go-to restaurant for a great night out with friends and family, and a totally-authentic, Thai experience. We were invited back to check out some new items on the menu, and were amazed by the new decor. Tenerife has been transported to Thailand […]

Light your fire at Bombay Babu

By Emanuele Pagenstecher  – bartender IF you have been to Bombay Babu, Torviscas, lately, you will have noticed that the team who made eating at an India restaurant more of an experience, has done it again by introducing a spectacular range of cocktails, including their own Bombay Bonfire. Bonfire Bonfire; that’s the name of our […]

Fabulous Ginger flavours

THIS week, we had the pleasure of dining at one of the hottest and innovative new restaurants, in the heart of Playa de Las Americas. These days, we live in a world in which we have a host of dietary requirements: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergies etc. But, at last, we have an eatery which caters […]

Say cheese, and taste it as well!

IF you happen to be a judge at the annual World Cheese awards, you will be familiar with the Montesdeoca label. These Tenerife cheese-makers win awards in so many classes, year after year, always bringing something new to the table. Recently, they also entered a competition in the US, in Wisconsin, and, to nobody’s surprise, […]

KitKat popularity is crunched in EU

BRITISH favourite KitKat is set to lose its EU-wide trademark status, which will enable any company to produce a chocolate bar, copying its iconic shape. The four-fingered treat, made by Nestle, lost an appeal at the European Union’s Court of Justice because it was not known well-enough in Belgium, Ireland, Greece and Portugal. To obtain […]

Seeing is believing!

THE Torrente Ruin Pub, in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, opens on 5th Mayl to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first part of the Torrente films, in co-operation with Santiago Segura, the famous, Spanish film director and actor. But prepare yourself for the fact that we are not a regular restaurant or […]

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