Squeezing your own is the best way to go

FRESHLY-SQUEEZED fruit juice does not lose vitamin content, even if it isn’t drunk immediately, says one of Spain’s leading consumer organisations, the OCU. In a review of orange juice, across the country’s major supermarkets, the organisation tested the Vitamin C content in each; the moment it was extracted, a few hours later, then again at […]

Syrup is sweet taste of danger

HIGH fructose corn syrup is a man-made product that is produced by using enzymes, to extract sugar from stocks of corn. This sweetener should be avoided, as it has been linked to a variety of maladies including obesity, cardiovascular disease, blood-sugar imbalances, diabetes, fatty liver, liver failure, leaky gut syndrome, decaying teeth, hypertension, immune suppression, […]

Soup yourself up with garlic

GARLIC has a long and proud tradition as a medicine. The Ancient Egyptians recommended it for 22 ailments. In a papyrus dated 1500 BC, the labourers who built the pyramids ate it to increase their stamina, and keep them healthy. The Ancient Greeks advocated garlic for everything from curing infections, and lung and blood disorders, […]

Spinach cucumber smoothie

THIS smoothie is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. If you are looking for the best detox drink, or simply want to be healthier, then this is it! Reasons to make this smoothie *It’s a great way to start a day and get some nutrients in your body *It’s refreshing – cucumber gives it that […]

Chorizo ban so healthy for Spain’s car-makers

A SIX-MONTH chorizo ban at Spain’s biggest car-maker has cut employees’ cardiovascular health risks dramatically. Around 600 workers were used as guinea pigs in a study that forced staff to ditch mortadella and sausage sandwiches for healthier alternatives. In a clampdown on company canteens, staff swapped the highly-processed meats for wholegrain sandwiches, with hummus, sardines […]

Go nuts for ginger!

WHILE breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it can sometimes get a little repetitive and boring. Unless you have ginger. This versatile superfood hosts a bevy of health benefits, from treating nausea to reducing muscle pain. Whether you want to hide the spicy kick with creamy butter, or let it fire up […]

White wine from Spain is tops with Brit experts

THE recent London-based Wines from Spain Awards 2019 reveals the top-100 favourites among British experts, and three whites have been given prizes. During a blind testing, oenologists, or “Masters of Wine”, as they are known in the UK, named three brands from as many bodegas from the 2018 crop. And one of them is available “on tap”. […]

Too much food not so glorious!

MANY people grab a latté, an energy bar, a juice or a muffin, without reviewing the macronutrient content, and thinking about what it will do to their hunger. The answer is, not much. Snacking isn’t eating to satiety; it’s a stopgap, and, depending on what you choose, it might actually make you hungrier later. If […]

Prickly pears are such a surprise!

WHILE prickly pears are new to American cuisine, this ingredient isn’t anything new to Mexico and Central America, where it is a staple food. The prickly pear (opuntia ficus-indica) grows in hot, arid areas, and, although it’s covered in spikes, it’s completely edible. There are three parts to a prickly pear cactus. Nopales: these are […]

Olive or avocado?

THE oils of avocados and olives are promoted for their health benefits. Both contain heart-healthy fats, and have been shown to reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease. Avocado oil Avocado oil is pressed from the fruit of the avocado tree (Persea americana), which contains approximately 60% oil. Although native to Central America, avocados are […]

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