This fruit is top banana!

THEY’RE often the fruit of choice for athletes looking to boost their electrolyte levels and get a quick energy boost, but bananas are a whole lot more than just a sweet treat, or a pleasant addition to a morning smoothie. Rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds, bananas can also serve as a natural […]

Keep a close eye on current food trends

EXCESSIVE consumption of “trendy” foods, “green” supplements and “detox” products can be harmful to health, warns one of Spain’s main consumer organisations. The OCU says aloin, a bitter yellow-brown compound, and one of the main aloe vera components, can be toxic above a certain dosage. The exact volume is “under investigation” and safe levels for […]

Fusion food so inspiring!

By Paul Waller The restaurant Imperio del Pintxo is located on Paseo Marcial Garcia 23, which is the front walkway in El Medano, to the left of the Hotel Medano. It can be found at the end of the street which overlooks the sea on the edge of a little tranquil bay, with small fishing […]

Up close and personal

by Jo Rham HAVE you ever considered getting your own, personal chef? Costs too much, right? Well, The Swan could have the solution, where their new concept is a whole, roof-top, dining experience. Still offering fantastic fayre in the bar downstairs, with amazing specials such as poached cod with creamy, white-wine and basil sauce, and […]

Tea’s berry good for us

TEA and berries have a lot in common. These superfoods are not just good for overall health, they are particularly essential in preventing heart disease. One study highlights the importance of daily consumption of tea and berries in preventing heart disease. The secret to this mechanism lies in the natural compounds found in these foods […]

A little touch of Venezuela

by Paul Waller “I’VE found a little gem here”, I thought to myself, as I left this restaurant with a big grin, a contented stomach, and some good memories to talk about. So, you are asking, what restaurant is this? Well, the name is  Carlin, a relatively-new establishment, which has only been open for six […]

Food suppliers and stores in battle to check obesity

NATIONAL health authorities have announced a radical crackdown on sugar, salt and saturated fat in supermarket goods, and have so far recruited nearly 400 companies to support them. Around 4,000 packaged products, including “ready meals”, will be affected by the new scheme, designed to tackle obesity. By the year 2020, food producers already signed up […]

Go Dutch with Gouda!

GOUDA cheese is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, accounting for 50-60% of the world’s cheese consumption. It is a semi-hard cheese, celebrated for its rich, unique flavour and smooth texture. The original cheese market in Gouda is one of the […]

‘Zero’ food and drink not always sugar-free

CONSUMER organisation OCU has warned that food and soft drinks branded “zero” are not necessarily sugar-free. There is no law to say that manufacturers and brand designers are obliged to guarantee products labelled “zero” do not contain sugar, even though the average shopper would assume this to be the case, automatically. In many cases, “zero” […]

Cheers! I’m just popping down to get a drink, dear! 

AN amazing underwater winery at El Poris de Abona offers an exclusive experience for wine lovers, at around 18 metres deep. And Roberto Gonzalez, head of Bodega Submarina, is certain that this is the first time underwater wine-tasting has been carried out, anywhere in the world, The idea comes from a Tenerife-based company, in Poris, and, […]

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